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Allison happily takes commission orders. To start the process, contact Allison by calling or through email, and let her know you want a special order. If she’s not in, she will get back with you. | 850-420-8419


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Discuss with Allison the dimensions, colors, subject matter, etc. you'd like to see in a painting of your own.


Allison will double check everything before she begins the process of creating the right size, colors, etc. of your custom work.



If you're local, Allison will come install your new artwork. If not, it will be shipped to you to display in your own home!

Local clients have the option for a meeting at their home where Allison can help them decide on the right size and see the lighting and colors in your space.
If you’re not local, you will be asked to send a photograph of the space where you’d like the piece to go. Allison will superimpose paintings in the size and subject matter you want into the photos of your space.

Once all specifications are agreed upon, you’ll be given a bid. To get the commission started, you put half the payment down, and the other half is due upon completion.

​Special orders take anywhere from 3-10 weeks depending on how busy Allison is at the time.

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