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Sign Up for FALL CLASSES will be posted LATE SUMMER 2024

Below are descriptors for each class I offer. Reach out NOW to book your


Come join Allison for an evening of learning (but fun). My classes are meant especially for for people that haven't had any formal training - just fun, no pressure.

Private classes offered for groups of 6 or more - 

 All classes will take place at the Allison Wickey Studio on 393 south and will have a max of 14 people.
You will learn some basic skills and most importantly your

creative juices will flow and fun will be had! Classes are 2.5 hours long.
All classes are located at 416 S Hwy 393, Unit 7.1, SRB. about 1/2 mile south of 98.


Portrait Class

Portrait Class - it sounds hard but students will be given help and tools that will help them produce amazing portraits. You can do a portrait of yourself, a loved one or even a pet!
We do a fun warmup exercise and then jump in to the portrait - each student leaves with a 12x12 and a 12x16 finished painting.

Landscape Class

Each person can bring a landscape photo of their choice or can learn to paint the iconic Western Lake Treeline on a 12x16 canvas. We will also paint an expressionistic beach scene using acrylic and Venetian plaster on a 12x12. Bring your own drinks/snacks.


Octopus and Coral Class

Each student will leave with two 14X14 creations and will learn to make an 'inside out' painting of a coral and an octopus - this style creates a complex painting in a few easy steps. You are welcome to choose your own color combo!

"Hey, can I schedule my own group of 6 or more people?"
Yes! Email Allison to schedule your group

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