Join Allison Wickey at the Rhone Retreat located in Gaujac, France for a once in a lifetime experience including daily painting instruction sessions, farm to table French Cuisine,

wines from local vineyards (it's Rosé country!), and

private tours of nearby attractions.  


What is a painting retreat?

     This 'all-level' painting retreat is designed to be suitable for people that have an interest in waking up their creative side in a non-competitive environment. The idea is to ease students into the creative process by immersing them in every stage of the process from learning to construct their own wood canvas, visiting local artisans, daily creative sessions, talking about what is holding them back and even displaying their work on the property and inviting locals to see our masterpieces.

     We will work 3-5 hours a day and all students will have access to work more than that if they want as our studio is on the property. One of the most valuable parts of the retreat is sharing stories and experiences with fellow attendees while supporting each other throughout the process. Students will learn Allison's unique techniques, will pick up pointers from other students and will also notice they have developed their own techniques and new confidence in their creativity. Each student will leave with their own rendition of the French countryside and of course a gulf coast scene of their choice. 

What does a typical retreat day look like?

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